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Bioware games. It’s kind of ridiculous how far I’ve fallen unless you know me and my obsessive fangirl tendencies. A lot of my favorite nerds on Tumblr and Twitter shared their love over them, and like any good fandom crasher, I watched and delighted in the art and the inside jokes I didn’t get, and figured I never would. While I once wanted to build a life in Hyrule, and peaked over my brother’s shoulder at the open world games, they looked beyond me now. I don’t have the greatest coordination on my own two feet, let alone with a controller that wants me to look and walk at the same time. Wrap those worries up with the awful and inevitable insecurities over gaming while being a girl and a newb,  I talked myself out of trying. I watched gameplay videos on YouTube instead.

And then N7 day happened.

This fandom. I was in awe. I wanted to know. I wanted on that Normandy and I wanted to take off and have this fandom be mine too. I had to try.


I flew through that mass relay, let me tell you.

That was November, and this is January, and I’ve now played through the entire Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins, Two, and now I’m in the midst of Inquisition.

Yeaaaah. It’s like that for me. Discovering this part of my brain, and delighting in it on my terms has been the best. Also, I CAN run and walk. I’m actually a total beast at it.


I’m finally going to start Iluminae. I heard it’s not just a book, but an experience.


I’m so excited, because These Broken Stars was one of my favorite reads last year.

Also a lot of Mass Effect and Dragon Age fanfic. Let’s be real.


It seems I’m forever watching The Office. It’s my constant.

But as far as keeping up with stuff that’s on TV now it’s  Jane the Virgin and Fresh off the Boat.

Listening To

My Spotify Discover Weekly playlist is pretty dope. It’s funny how last year while I was revising Hurricane it was a lot of gruff, emotional Americana with all this heartbreak and foot-stomping twang and now that I’m working on Saint Ruby my weekly playlist took this moody seaside turn that crushes on indie pop.

Also, HAMILTON. I feel like that’s gonna be my answer for the next six months. At least.

Thinking About

Learning to structure my writing time a bit better and commit to finding an outline that works for me and evolves with whatever stage I’m at in the project. I’m shuffling through styles while trying to cultivate that fever of drafting again. I got really good at revising. I focused on it for almost two years. Remembering how to create from scratch is kind of tough, but I think, for me, finding the fire means learning how to better use my tools.


Good news. New first drafts. Lunch.


Good news. New first drafts. Lunch.

Making Me Happy

Fanart about Cullen Rutherford.


My inquisitor is gonna save the kingdom and get to know that jaw line.

New year, new places.

*dusts off blog*

I’ve been thinking about what to post. It’s been awhile, and that’s a good and terrible thing. Terrible, because I hate dusty corners, but great, because all my words are going other places. Made up ones. And those need a lot of tending.

I’m in love with a new story and it takes place by the sea. There’s an overachiever girl born with a curse carried from her mother’s island, a gruffly-hot but silent fisherman, awkward stumbling into sweaty crushes, meet-cutes, and miscommunication. It’s the first story whose ending came to me first, and this linear writer can’t wait to get there.

But it’s work. Dismantling one place to build somewhere new.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’m trying to find my way back to the fever of tumbling over new words into a story that’s created as I fall. I’ve got to lose touch with one shore to reach the other. And that’s been tough. I’ve been sitting here watching the tides and thinking too much.

This is my first manuscript since becoming agented. So, I couldn’t help but do the thing where I think about Daisy and the trajectory of where I want to go and who to bring along next. And leaving her to write someone new was almost impossible. I’m carved deep by that book, and Nova Creek sits in my mind always; warm, sweet orange-blossom breezes blowing through open windows and two kids running off into a grove.

But there’s this bench by a marina where a girl is having her breakfast and pretending to be somewhere else. She’s drawing in her journal, contemplating the horizon, and eating more bread. She’s also in a rush. Because she’s always in a rush. Except for these early moments where she’s pretending to be somewhere else. The fisherman wonders over her. Everyone does when you’re the granddaughter of the town bruja.

There’s so much warmth, magic and hope. And finally, words.

I can’t wait for others to meet her.

So, here’s to a new year and all the girls I’m bringing along with me.


Adios, Summer 2015

It’s a bit of a lie to recap summer with words of farewell when we all know summer won’t be leaving us for a good long while. Until some blessed moment in October (hopefully) when we feel that first bit of a chill in the air. We’ll go outside and breathe it in and wonder if we’ll be able to soon wear a jacket. There will be texts. Everyone will post about it online. But not yet. Summer is ending only in terms of the calendar. We’re back to patterns and schedules. And this time even the littlest is starting school.

But first there was summer.

2015-06-05 10.14.00

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Currently: 5-19-15

I fell into the idea for this post from my agency sister Tabitha Martin who got it from Katy Upperman who invited me to jump in and post this week and every other Tuesday.

I’m currently …


Ikea and all the ideas that place always stirs up when it comes to tiny spaces. Creating something out of what felt like impossibly nothing is one of my favorite organizational adventures. I was once the girl who wrote in a closet beneath her hung up dresses and my mother can make a room anywhere out of anything, so I’m pretty proud of the tiny cool office me and my husband put together from a small spot of unused space in our house. We live in an older house and there were no rooms left and I needed a little nook that was just for me and words again.


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Front Porch Stories: Monday’s Five

1. Orlando City keeps breaking my heart in stoppage time. We lost this week in the 91st minute. I’m a throw myself off the couch yelling at the TV sports fan thanks to my dad, and growing up watching the Miami Dolphins, but I’m also an anxious knot of nerves that huddles, covering her face and switching the TV to mute. And Orlando City is getting stronger every game, but MY GOD. Soccer, I tell you what. I’m new to the MLS fandom, so to speak, and being this emotionally invested is both exciting and exhausting. And hell, college football starts soon and my Gators have a new coach. Bless my heart.

2. Last week was fun/nerve-wracking/impossible leading up to today. Things are fluttering around in my inbox and soon I’ll get to talk about that more, but let’s just say there’s been a lot of dancing. Down hallways, through the kitchen, past the kids who follow along like I’m the pied piper and my iPod blasts some out of this world beats.

Just remember what I said before about listening to my gut? Know that I’m chasing it still.

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The Autism Mom Grows Up (Too)

If you know me, you know my story pretty well at this point. The mom, the reader, the writer, the lazy crafter. And you know that in some circles I’m referred to as an autism mom. My son is in an ASD class and his curriculum is classified as alternative. He has a list of sensory issues and struggles with verbal communication, and when he comes home I get snippets of his day from what he tells me, the rest from his agenda and what he shows me, so when it comes to the conversation of autism, my part comes from sitting beside him.

Eventually behind him.

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