Once upon a time a hurricane sent me and mine flying from Miami toward the pines of Georgia where I grew up beside a creek and riding bikes with rusted off brakes.

After moving back to the swamps of Florida, I met and married the boy who stole my heart and CDs in high school. I’m a proud Florida Gator who used to shelve your books at the library. Before that I spent a summer wearing neon green shorts, selling dinosaur toys, and contemplating heat stroke from a cart at a very magical theme park.

I now write about loud families, humid places, and cool Latinas falling in love.

I’m also filling up my bookshelf, exploring folk magic, and probably making another character on a Bioware game.

Caffeine and making lists keep me level, but cheap wine, carefully curated playlists, and these trashy sunglasses keep me awesome. I’m learning to love my awkward brown girl magic.

No pare. Sigue, sigue.

enjoy the ordinary

Represented by Laura Crockett of TriadaUS Literary Agency.

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