Adios, Summer 2015

It’s a bit of a lie to recap summer with words of farewell when we all know summer won’t be leaving us for a good long while. Until some blessed moment in October (hopefully) when we feel that first bit of a chill in the air. We’ll go outside and breathe it in and wonder if we’ll be able to soon wear a jacket. There will be texts. Everyone will post about it online. But not yet. Summer is ending only in terms of the calendar. We’re back to patterns and schedules. And this time even the littlest is starting school.

But first there was summer.

2015-06-05 10.14.00

I love fall. Well, the crumbs of it we get. Come September we’ll grunt our way through the humidity while decorating our house with fake brown and orange leaves and we’ll try with pumpkins everywhere. It takes a lot of wishes and imagination to make it feel like the right season, but summer comes for us like a big, clumsy, but happy dog who’s delighted to drop right onto our chest.

Screen shot 2015-06-22 at 9.21.55 AM

Summer barrels into our lives with the contrast all the way to bright. There’s bugs, sweat and itchy complaints. But there’s blue skies, blessed breezes, waving palms, sandy skin and coconut everything.


There’s salt and spring water to dive into. All of it rushing over me and blessing and reminding me to never stop being that kid who once jumped into creeks.


And maybe with each adventure I forget all the fights with this place. The a/c and the damned humid heat. The muggy air and afternoon storms and terrible traffic. All those curses are drowned out when I dive beneath that blue water and hear the muffled whisper of something else. Something that makes me remember.


My skin is a little browner, my hair a little sandier, and my bones are a little achy from all the swimming and chasing. I’m not a kid anymore.


But summer likes to help me forget for a little while.


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