Currently: 5-19-15

I fell into the idea for this post from my agency sister Tabitha Martin who got it from Katy Upperman who invited me to jump in and post this week and every other Tuesday.

I’m currently …


Ikea and all the ideas that place always stirs up when it comes to tiny spaces. Creating something out of what felt like impossibly nothing is one of my favorite organizational adventures. I was once the girl who wrote in a closet beneath her hung up dresses and my mother can make a room anywhere out of anything, so I’m pretty proud of the tiny cool office me and my husband put together from a small spot of unused space in our house. We live in an older house and there were no rooms left and I needed a little nook that was just for me and words again.


I’m currently reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue after racing through The Raven Boys and then The Dream Thieves. I’ve kicked the reading slump of last year right in the teeth, and am finding a nice balance of fitting writing, life and reading all into their rightful place in my life. That means finally going back and grabbing the series I’ve seen from afar but hadn’t dove into yet, and The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater was definitely one of those I glanced at longingly. The dreamy way she stitches together words to paint inviting, breathless scenes creeps right into your conscious and sticks. I’m reading this one as slow as it’ll let me.



The Office and Parks & Rec are my warm blanket and burrow into the cave place. I keep those in constant rotation. They’re both nostalgic and comfortable and I can quote them all day long. But I’m also catching up on the final episodes of Jane the Virgin, planning to get back into Community, and I’m about to start Fringe, because my nerdy best friend in arms, and designated Plus One, is three seasons in and weird science and PACEY sounds amazing.

listening to…

my wip’s playlist. Currently titled ANA MARIA THE ELECTRIC it’s all summertime beats, tumbao and drums. And then I swing back to HURRICANE DAUGHTER’s playlist and it’s all slide guitars, boot stomping and heartbreaking lyrics.

thinking about…

my current wip. I’m trying to rewrite the first couple chapters after an idea sparked. I’m firmly in second draft mode, which can be a disorienting place where old ideas are all fighting with the new ones, and words all run together in big messes, but I’m anxious to get the beginning of it to my CP, because no one is better with a flashlight. A solid second draft would be nice because…


My first edits back from my agent! This is all very exciting and I can’t wait to dive in with her and get to work. Living and breathing Daisy and Beau is tough work sometimes. Those two haunt me a little, in the way first loves do, but to get to this place with them, with my agent? This is my new favorite sort of magic.


for the humidity to take a while to get here and let us ease into summer, because I can feel it breathing down on us already.

making me happy…

Creeping up on my birthday next month, even if it does mean turning 30. Checking out all the books at my library and paying off overdue fines like a boss. Finishing a round of 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. My tiny office. Blank whiteboards waiting for notes and noise.
So, what’s up with y’all currently?

7 thoughts on “Currently: 5-19-15

  1. Katy Upperman says:

    Love the way you talk about the characters in your WiP haunting you. I feel like that, too, sometimes. Best of luck incorporating your agent’s feedback. I always feel so lucky to have an industry professional helping me along with my work. Totally invaluable! So glad you jumped in with a Currently post today, Nina. Looking forward to reading more in the future!

    • ninamoreno says:

      Thank you! I got her edits back and am so excited. Connecting with her on this story is so amazing, and I’m stoked to make it even better. And totally loving the Currently post idea! So much fun.

  2. bethanyrsmith says:

    I LOVE Fringe and you won’t regret catching up on the current season of Community – so much better than what we’ve seen from that show in the past couple of seasons! Congratulations on agent edits and your lovely little writing nook 🙂

    • ninamoreno says:

      I’m SO starting Fringe once I’m done with this round of agent edits. And Community! I rewatched the first seasons so of course I fell back into a deep, nerdy love with all of them. And thank you so much, Beth!

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