Front Porch Stories: Monday’s Five

1. Orlando City keeps breaking my heart in stoppage time. We lost this week in the 91st minute. I’m a throw myself off the couch yelling at the TV sports fan thanks to my dad, and growing up watching the Miami Dolphins, but I’m also an anxious knot of nerves that huddles, covering her face and switching the TV to mute. And Orlando City is getting stronger every game, but MY GOD. Soccer, I tell you what. I’m new to the MLS fandom, so to speak, and being this emotionally invested is both exciting and exhausting. And hell, college football starts soon and my Gators have a new coach. Bless my heart.

2. Last week was fun/nerve-wracking/impossible leading up to today. Things are fluttering around in my inbox and soon I’ll get to talk about that more, but let’s just say there’s been a lot of dancing. Down hallways, through the kitchen, past the kids who follow along like I’m the pied piper and my iPod blasts some out of this world beats.

Just remember what I said before about listening to my gut? Know that I’m chasing it still.

Rita3. I’ve just discovered the show Rita on Netflix, and four episodes in and it is so good. It’s Danish and watching a show with subtitles forces me to put down my phone and actually pay attention, but in a really great way. All my Netflix bingeing lately has been familiar shows like Parks and The Office (except for Bloodline, I’m about to talk about that one, because y’all) but Rita forces you to sit down, shut your mouth and listen. I love her. She’s a teacher and single mother with a list of vices and is stubborn and unapologetic, and that alone is incredibly engaging, but to watch a person like that burst into the room, breaking rules and tearing up papers, because she’s protecting that one kid in a way that protects their reputation? It’s fun to listen to the language and see life in Denmark, and I want every piece of furniture and decor I see, but I’m here for Rita. There’s two seasons on Netflix and I heard they’re gonna fund the third. Oh, Rita. Never leave me.

bloodline4. Craig and I watched Bloodline together in that really fun way of squeezing in episodes together when we could, and not daring to watch until the other could. I wanted to watch for three reasons:  1) Kyle Chandler 2) Florida and 3) Kyle Chandler. And let me tell you, it satisfied on every level and so much more. Bloodline is a family drama of adult siblings and their parents, much in the way of Parenthood, but if it took place in the Florida Keys around the family’s bed & breakfast and there was more humidity and murder. There were so many TWISTS and moments that you thought everything was about to go to hell, but it didn’t, but then it did in a totally different way. I love shows that use Florida as a backdrop, because I think this state is such a character, and here the Keys are used to perfection. They just announced a second season in 2016.

5. Easter Sunday was great. Craig’s schedule is a bit wonky, and we have to fit things with the kids where we can. This year Phoenix had some difficulty with the idea of the Easter bunny coming to our house and was showing some fear over it. When he’s thinking quickly you have to follow him and pick up whatever pieces of the story you can, and finally he stopped and drew it out on our chalkboard wall (that thing has been so helpful in our house) and he had seen a scary version, and frankly, I’d be worried as hell too, if my parents were telling me that thing was coming to our house. We talked it over and this year the bunny left the baskets outside and Dad “found” them and brought them inside. We watched Easter Mass from the Vatican, a thing my Dad always did when I lived at home. It was a nice, quiet day and the mess of plastic eggs gets thankfully put back in the closet until next year.


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