Front Porch Stories: Monday’s Five

1. Had a family reunion out at my parent’s place this weekend. It was a big, Cuban affair with my dad’s brothers and all my cousins. We all grew up together in Homestead and went different ways via formidable years in Georgia and are now spread out between Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, but when we all get together it’s noisy, joyous and filled with my mother’s food. We even made a hashtag, because it’s apparently 2015? And people do that. #MorenoReunion2015

_MorenoReunion2015 (2)

It’s a little mad to realize we’re not the kids anymore. The young cousins I last saw as babies are in high school and most of us have kids and what even is this time thing. Glancing at my mom and grandmother I wonder how it feels. Then again, I look at my kids chasing each other and laugh at the fact that somehow I’m someone’s mom and where is Mufasa to explain the circle of life to me.

2. And it was nice to cap off the week with a party. Because, last week? It was awesome.

Like, real awesome.

So awesome my dude and kids took me out to a nice dinner at the lake. I mean, sure, the lake is at the end of my street, but it was some delicious seafood and fruity drinks out by the water as the sun set with signs reminding us not to feed the gators. I love you, Florida.




Every day, Jaime. Every. Day.

4. I didn’t get to watch the Orlando City match this weekend, because of the reunion, BUT I did follow the score on my phone, because of course I did, and I absolutely rocked my Orlando City koozie. I’m actually new to the koozie thing. I was once at a bar in South Carolina with a friend and every woman I ran into had a koozie in her purse. It was amazing. My sister has a drawer of them. I only have three. A Florida Gators one, Orlando City, and a blue one with Daleks that say, “Intoxicate. Intoxicate.” I’m feeling pretty good about my koozie collection representing who I am as a person.

5. Speaking of koozies and what we put in them, found this beer at Publix this week.


Something something about tequila barrels and almost like a beergarita, but really smooth.

Finally, someone on Twitter reminded us all that it’s two days until APRIL in the year 2015.


Put that in your koozie and drink it.


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