Lazy Girl Crafts: Make Your Own Art

We’ve lived in our house for almost three years now, and there was a lot of work that went into getting it to where it is now. We bought an old place beside our small, but working downtown, and it is definitely not the house we walked into with our realtor anymore. The previous owners had run a business out of it, so there was glass walls, bright red paint, and concrete floors. Truth be told, we walked around a bit, sighed over not finding our house again, and moved on. But both Craig and I had felt something. Something in the backyard, something from standing beneath the big oak trees. From standing in the driveway and being able to look down the street and see the lake. From the grapefruit tree, blooming sweet. There was something to this house, and maybe we could make it work.

And we have.

I’m proud of the life we’ve built, and the work we’ve put into our house. From the wood floors Craig put down himself, to the walls he’s taken down and put up somewhere else. I’ve painted every single wall, and even the kitchen cabinets. But now here we are three years later and we’re finally making our own art for these walls.


We found two MDF boards in the clearance cart at Home Depot and my eyes lit up, because I’d been flirting with the Scrabble tiles idea. After sketching out how to work all of our names together, we got the letter stencils and paint, also at Home Depot, and got to work.


He may not find his name on a keychain in a tourist shop, but my son will always win the most points for that damn X.


I had one more idea for a piece of art for our walls, and of course, it was also inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest. Putting letter stickers on a painting you found at the thrift store, painting over them and then peeling them off to reveal a revamped painting with a hipster cool quote?

And I had the perfect painting.


I’ve been carting this thing with me for YEARS. And it’s huge, let me tell you. I found it in a thrift store when I still lived at home and I dragged it to every single apartment we lived in. We were the kids with the grandma apartment, and this was my showpiece. Over the years it got slipped into a closet, but I couldn’t get rid of it. There’s a tiny old couple walking down that nice, autumn street, and they were waiting for me to make this a showpiece again.


So, with a beloved Parks & Rec quote in hand, I was ready to make this a forever piece. A “we’re gonna grow old with this one” piece.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

That bad boy is up on the big shelf, lording over us again. I’m proud of seventeen year-old me for picking it out, for twenty year-old me holding onto it, dragging it up another set of stairs, and for twenty-nine year-old me not being afraid to mess with it and make it completely ours.


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