Front Porch Stories: Hello, 2015

    1. I’m not immune to all that new year/new you talk. As much as I love Christmas, the older I get, the more I’ve looked forward to January. Maybe it’s because the weather gets so good here. Instead of snow we get crisp mornings and good breezes. The mosquitoes are a thing to worry about later and the sky is big and blue. It’s brand new calendars and planners. January is a first page, a tangible thing to grab and uncap your marker and make plans. Better ones. So, I celebrate it.
      I’ve started a #365project over on my instagram in an attempt to document the little things.

      The quiet ones that have been redesigning me. This isn’t the year of waiting. It’s the year of writing.
      And reading.
      And making.
      It’s the year of stretching, more dancing and music, old books, Spanish and non-fiction ones, and growing. Celebrating my center, decorating it and burrowing into it. My anxieties and worries will be along for the ride, because fighting them never gets me anywhere new or good, but they can fumble around with the map while I drive.

2. Speaking of January and new calendars and planners I bought one and am in loooooove. 2015-01-06 11.00.46

3. I’m also doing Yoga with Adriene‘s 30 Days of Yoga.
I stumbled upon her videos on Youtube one day and really dug it. I’ve had a yoga mat for years and it’s one of those things I always look at and give a try every couple months, because I’m an old creaky lady who feels better when I stretch. Who wants to find my place in all the noise of everything and I like the idea of doing that with my body. My about to be 30 year-old body. I want to be at peace with it, feel it move and stretch beyond this computer chair. So, I found her videos, loved how chill and relaxed she was and her Texas cool vibe. Her earlier videos even have a Shakey Graves song playing. It felt like I’d found my place to do this and she’s put together a 30 Days series and we’re into Day 6. Figuring it out with a toddler climbing all over me is right on the money for how I will rock this year.
Here’s to that stretching thing, yeah?


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