Front Porch Stories: The Monday 3


  1. My old man and me had ourselves an anniversary. He’s the high school boyfriend turned husband. The boy who walked into a classroom and met the gaze of the new girl mourning an old life. It wasn’t love. But it was immediate. This one, something in my chest whispered. And he narrowed his eyes, considering me like maybe he’d heard it too. We were sixteen and the world was noisy, but a quiet magnet was coming together in the space between us, pulling at us both. It would be weeks before we spoke, but he played on loop in my head like an impossible crush. I held onto the idea of him while trying to find my way down new halls, filled with new people. And then one day we were counted off for a group project and his number was my number and we pushed our desks closer. And then finally.
    Questions were asked, answers were given and the crush blossomed into something that burned so bright and still keeps me steady and warm. When he comes home and meets my gaze first. It’s still that boy from across the room. Everything in my chest still says, this one.l_95ece71ff61a1ecbbe97b7eacf6b966a IMG_20141021_085737
  2. In the name of that anniversary we do what we always do because we’re old nerds. We went to the annual Food & Wine Festival over at Epcot. The festival is a pretty big deal and the scope of everything they offer brings people back year after year with new countries, dishes and drinks. And this year the weather was perfect, if a little blustery, but we drank champagne in Paris, ate pulled pork in Hawaii and chocolate waffles in Belgium. There were craft beer flights, and we’re absolutely those people who get pretty fangirl and fanboy excited over craft beer. IMG_20141101_123550#1And then my Gators won their game. Somehow, impossibly they won against Georgia in one of our biggest rivalry games in a year that wasn’t going our way. It was a good day.
  3. Before we dropped off the kids at Grandma’s and headed off for our day date, we took the kids with us to our early voting spot. Each of us takes one to the booth and Phoenix was whisper asking me questions and I quietly explained the process to him. Voting is everything. It’s absolutely everything and sometimes in the noise of negative ads and problems that never seem to get solved, it becomes easy to forget. To become disillusioned and tired when it all becomes noise that sounds the same. A radio stuck on static that you just turn off to get through your day. But I hope you vote. I hope you get the buzz of how huge it is when you fill in that circle, push that pen, scan that sheet. To get us in that booth it took others making so much noise. And things do change. They roll forward through the mud, dirt, broken glass, but time moves with each of us pushing it along when it’s our turn.20141101_091857

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