Front Porch Stories. (BFF = Blanket Forts Forever)


This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of blanket forts. Truth be told, I’m always thinking about blanket forts. And not in a nostalgic or cute way, but in a This Is How I Get Through The Day way. Once it was a small closet that became something more, and a million lives ago it was a clubhouse with a slanted roof in my backyard, but I’ve always been the introvert that needed the escape, even when I didn’t know to call myself an introvert. When I got words like “shy” and “homebody” whispered with my name.

Now I know about the science of these things and that my need to collect mind settling things, and fill my nest with them is how I cope. It’s also how I celebrate, how I stay level and how I gratefully spend my time without guilt.

There’s no use for guilt in the blanket fort. That’s like rule one of blanket forts. There are no voicemails and only clear calendars. We give so much of our time to other people and stressful things and in the blanket fort it’s all about staying weird and happy.

So, in celebration of this, today’s Monday 3 are the three things I’m filling up my blanket fort with during these rushed, anxious days in an effort to keep my head space cool, calm and somewhat together.

  1. Parks & Rec.  I can’t and won’t stop watching this show to the point that I’m on my fourth? go at watching all six seasons. Here in the fort I will obsessively lean on something to the point that you may wonder if I intend to watch another show yet, and the answer is no. I find my groove, and it’s a world of comfort to click Next Episode. The noise of Pawnee lulls me to sleep, chatters behind me while I write, celebrates me when I get a break. This is where I live now, and I’ll be here if you need me. okayweirdo
  2. Chai Lattes. I’ve never not been a coffee drinker. I won’t tell you what age my Cuban grandmother and Colombian mother started letting me have café con leche, because that’s not here or there and it was the eighties. But I’m not a fancy coffee drinker. In college my best friend dated a barista at Starbucks and we’d go all the time and I didn’t like any of it. All of it tasted too syrupy and Not Coffee to me, and I just wanted the coffee I was used to, sweetened with some milk, and preferably in my own mug. (We’ve established I’m a creature of habit.) Recently I discovered the new seasonal scent Woodside Library by Glade and just from the bottle I knew I had to have it. And it smelled like books and leather? Oak? Please, I’ll take them all.IMG_20140921_210522I mean, honestly. Look at that midnight blue and that bookshop door inviting you in and suddenly I’m having a lot of thoughts about a bottle. Reading the description it mentioned that it also had notes of chai tea. Now, I went to college, and thought I was super book cute, and tried teas, but the old school coffee drinker in me just couldn’t hang. But fine, I’m older. So I got some Tazo Chai Latte concentrate, and my latte and espresso brilliant milk frothing husband made me a latte.
    PicsArt_1411348192665I’m changed.
    This is now my every night thing and yeah, I’ll probably stomp this right into the ground and be over them soon, but maybe not. I sure as hell am still drinking café con leches and it has been…a number of years since the eighties.
    I’m also spraying that air freshener all day, every day.
  3. TARDIS blanket. Does this really need an explanation? I got a TARDIS blanket from ThinkGeek for Christmas last year and I’m basically Linus and wherever you may find me, you’ll find this blanket. Because honestly, what is a blanket fort without an amazing, nerdy blanket?

So, what’s in your blanket fort? Hopefully snacks. There should always be snacks.


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