Front Porch Stories.


  1. Craig and I are thrift store romantics who have always loved the hunt. Finding great secondhand stuff is the best, because half the fun of life is trying to figure out how something works without the instructions. The nostalgia that comes with finding something old and maybe familiar and then refashioning it into your now is pretty close to time travel. Our very first apartment way back when was outfitted with all thrift store stuff and on purpose, because we digged the motif even then. Our friends all came to our tiny place and lovingly told us it was not only because of our awesome company, but in this brand new world of being pretend adults it was nice to have a home base that reminded you of your grandma’s.
    And we’re still those kids drawn to big comfy chairs covered in blankets and rustic wood furniture with scars and stories you can see, but now we’re actual grown ups who own a home and step on Legos instead of beer caps and that old school, thrifting sensibility has inspired us to learn to actually do things. Craig, the woodworker/carpenter to my sander and painter, has been building me bookcases and tables for awhile, but our new favorite is the adirondack chair.
    2014-09-14 09.43.36
    Soon there will be a table, but having heavy, handmade wooden chairs made by the both of us would definitely be something the two kids in that cluttered, warm apartment would have thought awesome.
  2. This weekend’s Gator game almost killed me dead. Turned the TV to mute, jumping jacks between plays, muttering curses dead. I can barely even talk about it still, but my Saturdays are a whirlwind of emotion with all the TV happening that day, and let me tell you, this is emotional TV for me. I’ve got not only the Gator game, but DOCTOR WHO. And anyone who knows me, knows how big a deal that is for me. Anyone who walks into my house, hears my phone ring, or counts to any number between 1 and 12 in my presence, knows what it means. And THEN there’s Outlander on Starz. I’m not an old school fan, but did read the book earlier this year, and I’m definitely in. Have you seen Jaime? That highlander can get it. And this upcoming week THE MINDY PROJECT comes back and then there’s SLEEPY HOLLOW and I’ve got a lot to fangirl over, and will probably, most definitely, be bringing that to the blog.
  3. Today the second book in The Lane series by Kristine Wyllys releases! LOSING STREAK is out and is a companion book to WILD ONES, which can totally be read alone, but like any series it’s the best to get the amazing, gritty, and unforgettable first story carved on your heart first, for not only Bri and Luke’s story, but to see the whisper of what is going to absolutely combust in Rosie and Brandon’s. Just like the first in the New Adult series it’s hot, tense and bursting with the kind of prose you’ll want to highlight all over and starring strong anti-heroines who are totally running the show. LOSING STREAK is an intense, seductive story about loyalty, sacrifice and the kind of love born from impossible choices. Go and get it and prepare to lose a couple of hours while you follow Rosie back into the Lane.

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