He’s Telling You His Story (Pictures by Phoenix)

There was a time not that long ago when all I wanted was to have a conversation with my son. It was a selfish, desperate thing, but I wanted to pull him into my world and have him meet my gaze and love me back in a way I understood.

I jumped toward anything he showed interest in to find a door or maybe even a window I could kick open to get closer to him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll hum it like a lullaby to him forever, but he taught me how this love thing works. How amazing and necessary it is to embrace a neurodiverse world.

He’s older and inviting me in these days, and I’ve noticed when he’s playing with my old phone that instead of the noise of his games and apps, I’m hearing camera clicks.


I checked his gallery and it’s filled with pictures I never knew he was taking.


This is me sharing #picturesbyPhoenix.

If you’re on instagram you can find me and follow along at ninamoreno. Instagram

He_found_me.__picturesbyPhoenix Knights__dragons__and_Legos__oh_my.__picturesbyPhoenix Just_an_FYI__people.__Tuesdays__speechtherapy In_the_past__I_have_made_no_secret_of_my_disdain_for_Chef_Gusteau_s_famous_motto__Anyone_can_cook._But_I_realize__only_now_do_I_truly_understand_what_he_meant._Not_everyone_can_become_a_great_artist_but_a_great_artist_can_come_from_anywhere.__picture  Looking out at the world beside him is one of my greatest joys.



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