Down in the Valley of January.

Here we are at the start of a new year. The start of another round of What the Months. There’s something fantastic to this sort of cyclical science. The whimsy, timey wimey changing of seasons, people and places. Filling up calendars and crossing off days. Stitching new stories and earning new wrinkles.

To get another January.

2014 started fresh, crisp and sweet. This was the year that began with being handed a shiny red apple. And like Eve, I’m the sort of girl that’ll always try to take a purposeful bite.


There were more cold fronts. Blustery winds we had no idea what to do with as our northern brethren battled snow and ice.

My_summer_babies_don_t_want_to_play_with_this_below_freezing_nonsense.__ Today_s_bus_stop_morning_is_so_blustery_cold_the_TARDIS_is_trying_to_take_off_without_them.__

And there was revising. A lot of back and forth surgery between me and Jaye to get my story to the best place it’s ever been.


I spent most of the month working alongside my December shooting star. With Jaye’s help we marched toward the end of Pitch Wars and its agent round. We fired up the music and rallied with our team. I was ready to let it fly.


With a gust of breath we stepped back and watched our pitches get posted.

And with the shot of the starting pistol we were out of the cave.

And then this sort of unbelievable thing happened.

I was swept away by the excitement and support of these new friends I’d made. They were jumping up and down through tweets and retweets and I was cackling, because it was such madness. This couldn’t be about my book. I was still living off the high from simply being picked by Jaye. The wishlist I still had tacked up to my wall like a poster of my secret dream boyfriend.

And through the team she’d put together I was now friends with some of the most supportive, talented writers.

The two days of the agent round were this crescendo of laughs and falling back onto the cloud of my bedsheets in disbelief. Covering my face from the blushing I couldn’t contain. Knowing my heart was about to burst from my chest.

And the craziest thing of all happened.


January, you were fresh, sweet and breathtakingly delicious.


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