The Sweetness of September.

“I want to say something so embarrassing about September that even the leaves start blushing and turning red.” -Jarod Kintz

Here was the month I put on a fancy dress and watched a friend get married. The sort of friend where everyone grows up and goes in all sorts of different directions doing all sorts of lovely life things, and then one of you calls the other and you show up.

Always try to show up.

 Me_and_my_date_at_Ashley_s_wedding._3 With_the_bride_and_the_mother_of_the_bride_and_both_are_some_of_my_favorite_people.
Congrats to Ashley and Alex and here’s to a lifetime of lovely life things.

Speaking of lovely life things, I got myself a brand new baby nephew this month.


Meet Lucas.

He’s got a whole world ahead of him, and there’s a sort of magic in watching tides turn and babies get born and seeing your little brother in the face of a tiny, brand new baby boy.

The second weekend of September was all about dancing. It was about music and a tent revival fervor for the magic of singing along at the top of your lungs, stomping your feet, clapping your hands and just being somewhere fantastic.


It was about road trips and airports and following a GPS robot voice with a buzz of excitement in your gut because you’re facing down an adventure.


And the adventure begins with driving up to the airport and stepping out of the car to meet your Plus One.

You hear me call her that, and you probably think I’m being adorable. And frankly, I am. It’s a highly adorable term of endearment. But it’s also this whole other thing. It’s a promise. It’s revelation of how lucky I am. That somewhere in the lovely mess of life, while I was over here in this part of the map, I found this person who was in a whole other part of it, and finding her was this spark of lifting the shades and looking outside with a knowing smirk, because I see you and you see me and we picked each other.

 Adorable, funny and carved in stone with bloody calluses.

And our adventure was in St. Augustine for the Gentleman of the Road Stopover. It was a glorious weekend of music and watching an entire town get taken over by the shared love of it. It was banjos and maps and southern accents and swearing off Porta-Potties right to the Hell they belong.

It was also about celebrating Craig’s beard and his eternal battle with technology.

Strolling_through_town_like_gypsies_with_other_hippies. Discount_beers_and_getting_lost_on_purpose.__staugustinestopover My_Norwegian_husband_has_an_affinity_for_Cuban_things. _staugustinestopover__thesemustachesareeverywhere Classy_broads_on_a_bus. Pub_crawlin__through_St._Augustine__say_what. Headed_back_for_Round_2_and_CCR_then_MUMFORD._SO_EXCITE.__staugustinestopover This_guy._Hashtag_professional.__staugustinestopover Young_and_hip__babe._Totally_young_and_hip. _staugustinestopover__GOTR__bestdayever__MumfordAndSons The_morning_after_and_the_city_is_still_standing.

Mumford and Sons put on a hell of a show. A show that began when .fun cancelled and JOHN FOGERTY replaced them. Getting to hear Creedence Clearwater Revival songs LIVE and played alongside the guys from Mumford left us stuttering and shrieking and jumping as high as our old bones could handle. It felt like checking something off a life list you keep buried in your purse. This is why you always keep life lists on hand.

September is also my Mom’s birthday. We all took her out for dinner and it was just like it always is where we’re the loudest table in the place, but it’s also this new thing where we look around and count how many we are now and you almost can’t believe we’ve gone from a party of 5 who could fit in most booths with someone banished to the chair at the end, to now being ten. Ten with babies and kids and noise and everyone still talking over the other.

Family_dinner_for_Mom_s_birthday._Loudest_table_in_the_place_as_usual. The_tiniest_in_our_bunch. Me_and_this_old_man. Happy_birthday__Ma._You_ve_got_quite_the_fan_club.

September, you were good to me. With your music and magic and that note of something new in the air. Yes, this is Florida, and yes it’s still hot, humid and Why Are There Still Mosquitoes out there, but there’s pumpkins and college football and there’s an autumn haze to the bright, blue skies. A sort of golden Instagram filter, if you will. If you squint just right.

If_I_could_put_summer_in_a_soda_can_and_then_shake_it_up_I_d_be_close_to_the_chemistry_of_this_girl. Saturdays_in_September. Sunday_errands_with_your_parents_are_the_worst. I_ve_got_these_tiny_pumpkins_and_some_hay_on_my_front_porch_and_this_cool_breeze_is_straight_from_heaven_and_basically_I_m_ready_to_kiss_the_end_of_September_right_on_the_mouth.

Here’s to lookin’ towards October with its make-believe and trick-or-treating and even more dancing.

Because, honestly. If you’re gonna show up you should sure as hell dance when you get there.


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