The Fire that was July.

How is it already six months into 2013? Is this how it’s gonna be now? Barreling through days that become weeks that somehow are now months we’ve already passed as we flip to the next page and there went another year.
You lose your breath from the pace of it, but it’s a maddening pleasure.

July meant bringing out the red, white and blue and baking sweet treats before running off to Disney for hot dogs and apple pies and saving the fireworks for home where we’re lucky enough to see ’em from our driveway.


This month was my brother and his wife’s baby shower. I will get myself a sweet baby nephew in AUGUST.  Somehow in the sheer madness of getting older, my baby brother also grew up, got married and knocked up his wife. Some of us feel like we’ve been the same age forever, but with my brother I see and feel the passage of time more than with anyone else in my life.

To celebrate all of that, I made Oreo balls. And I colored them blue.


Something else pretty magical and momentous happened this month: I met a friend. In these hyper millennial days of tweeting famous people and Facebooking our grandma, everyone is meeting and making friends online. It’s just a part of our lives now. Way back when I’d actually sort of been active on a message board for new mothers, and I met quite a few women.  A handful of them have watched my kids grow as I’ve watched theirs, and this crazy, magic bond was forged. They’re the familiar faces on my computer screen, the long emails and nonsensical text messages. They’re the Netflix marathons while eating chips and salsa for breakfast. One is forever my plus one.

Integral people in my life who I only get to have through my phone or computer. Plenty of my grown up relationships have gone the way of doing the best we can to show up with an inappropriate text or spontaneous email, but these magic friendships where you feel like you KNOW this person and yet, have never actually met them? You don’t feel the nerves of that until you face the actual prospect of MEETING them and it sends all the anxious nerves into freak the eff out mode. I’m a twitchy introvert who makes inappropriate jokes and is socially awkward whenever she’s expected to act like an adult. I never got to take that class. I went from crazy college girl to new mom playing with spaceships and robots. Is it okay to hug people upon meeting them? Because I’m not sure what else to do with my hands. We’re going out to eat? As grown-ups? That means tossing back drinks and ordering all the fries, right? Listen, the last time I went out as a grown-up that’s exactly what it meant and I need to believe that it still does.

I get a lot of thoughts when I have to meet people. I get A WHIRLWIND OF ANXIETY when I’m meeting someone who already knows me and who I’m bound to disappoint.

And yet,  remember the part where I mentioned the crazy, magic bond? There’s a heady rush of relief when it holds true. When you find yourself cracking up over shared anxieties and understanding stories about each other’s kids in that bone-deep, shared tattoos sort of way. Where they’re everything you knew they’d be, and feel a sense of kismet that maybe you were just what they’d thought, too.

Like you’re kids who met at summer camp and it’s time to bust out with the forevers and friendship bracelets and watch Now & Then together, because it’s on that level.


And when they order just as many drinks as you did?


I have a dear, bestest kind of friend and her name is Sarah and we finally met and it was awesome.



When it comes down to it, this summer has meant huddling indoors escaping the Mordor-like heat and monster mosquitoes intermixed with trips to Disney World. We go there a LOT, not only because my husband works there and gets in fo’ free, but also because Disney is a place that my Robot Boy son can let go and have a good time like any other kid his age. Disney is incredibly accommodating with their strollers, passes, conscientious cast members and friendly faces. It’s a place where my kid’s imaginations can go wild and free, and my son doesn’t get any weird looks over his headphones. His obsession with Star Wars is celebrated and he gets to see the magic in his mind out in the world around him and that allows for a sort of breathtaking way inside, where as his parents we get to engage and play. It’s always a sweat-soaked test of endurance for us as the adults, but if you ask me if it’s worth it let me point to the kids smiling beside us and you’ll know.



Seems there was quite a bit of magic to the month. We’ll hold onto it as we trudge through the swamp of August and climb our next mountain. On the other side we’ll find our bedtime routines, backpacks and back to school schedules.


Meet you on the other side, August.


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