kick the jukebox on: Shovels & Rope

As I’ve mentioned eight-hundred times, and like a million other writers, I simply could not put idea to paper if I don’t have music playing. From outlining to revising, I have certain songs for certain scenes and characters and it’s as integral as the words shooting from my fingers.

I could not have finished HURRICANE DAUGHTER if I hadn’t found Shovels & Rope.

From the low country of South Carolina, much like my husband, Shovels & Rope are a twangy, rusty country rock duo that offered up so much noise to the scenes playing in my head. There was Daisy shoving on her boots and I’d hear them singing about a Delta mama. Beau smoking on his back porch thinking over everything he needed to get done with one ear listening out for his sisters, and it was the quiet strum and whisper of simply wanting to be drug out to sea.

This was the music for this angsty, lo-fi southern love story.

O’Be Joyful is an amazing album and I have a forever kind of favorite band for the Keeper shelf.



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