June Laughs Like Thunder.

Hey, June bug.You’ve been stormy,
 photo 20130620_164510_zps0d486b71.jpg
And you made me just a little bit older,
 photo IMG_20130610_202204_zps765c39f5.jpg
 photo IMG_20130610_125844_zpsf2cd31eb.jpg
But you’ve kept me awesome,
 photo IMG_20130605_220551_zpsaad99dc0.jpg
Sharp on my magic and sword work,
 photo 20130624_1701371372111411719_zpsbc939d62.jpg
Our pencils sharp, regardless if it’s summer,
 photo IMG_20130611_134406_zps0a55e091.jpg
And our fins strong and summer skin itchy but sun-kissed.
 photo IMG_20130628_103011_zps325bb043.jpg
The mosquitoes aren’t my favorite, but there’s something to say about the electric hum of a good summer thunderstorm.
The romance stops there, though.
I’m getting too old and I’ve got too many old trees to get too swoony about these things.

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