We’re just March-ing through.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg
March has brought us dirt. It’s also dropped off cold fronts and allergies that are slowly trying to kill me and my brethren. It’s sniffling and snot noses and are we still wearing sweaters in March? Good Lord. It’s also been a good month for learning and school and telling our favorite Doctor a very happy birthday.
This coming from the mother who reads Green Eggs and Ham every night. Every. Single. Night. Say, I do like that book. I do. I like it okay it’s fine.The biggest turn of events is the ol’ ball and chain changing job directions. After so many years in one place he’s turning a passion into employment by getting in with the local carpenter’s union and working now at Walt Disney World Resort of all places. It’s a lot of nerves for jumping head first into a big change after so many years, but it was also need to make the leap to avoid getting stuck in any ruts. He’s coming home every night nerding out over something or another, and it’s adorable and geeky and I appreciate the handy man look. It works is what I’m saying. Taking the kids to Disney is pretty rad too. We took Phoenix a ton back before he turned three since we had annual passes then, but it was whatever to him. Now? Oh, man. The kid can’t stop asking about “Disney Studios” and wants to do everything Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Disney Junior. Needless to say, after so many years of spending all our time at Epcot or Magic Kingdom, we’re suddenly trucking over to Hollywood Studios. I celebrate the geek in all of us, so I’m game.

Me and the Mr. also got to go on a date this month. I know. Super fancy talk I’m spitting at you right now. He had a few days off between gigs, and with the oldest in school and the youngest off shopping with her Titi, we found ourselves without kids for the first time in a very long time. It was magic, let me tell you. We live in an old town with a pretty cute downtown that’s filled with great antique and consignment stores as well as some cute restaurants and what have you. We don’t often go that way since those are the types of store where little hands and jumpy feet are liable to have you losing your dignity in a parking lot. But without our needy monsters we totally strolled all relaxed like and I didn’t cut up anyone else’s food. We made conversation, ate fancy sandwiches, froze our asses off eating outside, but I didn’t care, because it was gorgeous and necessary.
I also got visits from two of my oldest and bestest. Faith came all the way over from the beach and bestowed the kids with all sorts of gifts that were totally not necessary, but they lost their ever loving minds over the toys. Lucy’s current favorite princess crown is the one she got from Faith, and Phoenix fell hard for that K’nex roller coaster. It sits on a shelf of honor in his bedroom.
And one of this family’s favorites, Dalia, came over one evening and we spent five hours catching up and like always it could have been seven years ago or a month ago. A friendship like the one I have with her is timeless, and there’s something sort of exceptional about that. Watching your lives change in these huge ways all around you, but still at your core is just this girl, who doesn’t go by Mom or Wife, but is simply just you, and to have her throw her head back in laughter, because she’s with one of her best friends is a good thing to be reminded of. I’m lucky that I have a few of these in my life. Exceptionally lucky.
Here in Florida, we’re practically bathing in citrus and it’s a beautiful thing. I love the season of Navel oranges. It’s also time to finally get the hell outside and do some yard work. We’ve had some ridiculously windy days, and it’s meant fallen branches and Spanish moss and yelling at the kids to not play with the moss. Did I also mention the pollen and allergies and dying by cough? Because that’s also happening.
Memaw had a birthday and we celebrated over at Downtown Disney which will soon be Disney Springs. They’ve got Splitsville, which is basically a fancy bowling alley that serves fancier food and you’ve got to make a lane reservation if you hope to actually play a game. Phoenix had a tough time leaving the joint with only eating there and not getting to play, but no major meltdown, and bless him for it. Some things like that are coming easier the more verbal language he acquires, because it allows us to try and explain situations to him so he’s not blindsided when expectations aren’t met. We capped off the night with a trip to the candy store there, which was a freaking zoo of kids and sugar and hands flying everywhere. They sell brownies, monstrous pixie sticks, candy apples, and panic attacks.
We also celebrated Easter a little earlier with the kids since their old man works weekends now. It’s taking some getting used to, but we’re not complaining. It just means breaking up the never ending week of Spring Break with deviled eggs and sweet potato casserole. And these are things that I am very okay with.
Lucy’s version of an Easter dress was basically her tutu and her brother’s Spiderman light up sneakers. And that visual is the best way I can describe my not yet two year-old daughter.
Phoenix loved doing the egg hunt, and it was cool this year, because if we saw an egg he’d missed, we’d say, “Phoenix, I still see a blue egg over there.” And he’d stop and look back and say, “A blue egg? Where?” And that back and forth is sweeter than the chocolate bunnies we stuffed them with.
Hell of a way to kick off Spring.

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