He said “okay” and I said “what” and it was awesome.

This morning I realized he’s starting to answer my questions.

Like, that’s a big deal. Enough to have me here at 6 o’clock in the morning before coffee.

Last night I asked him something and instead of just repeating my question back to me in his usual Echolalia fashion, he said, “Yes.”

In the middle of our night time routine I didn’t stop to realize it.

And then just now, this morning, he was wanting to play with his iPod. It had sat off the charger all night, so it was dead, but I plugged it in and as soon as he heard that “ding” noise of it charging he dove for it and unplugged it and started to go through the screens as I’m telling him, “Hey, plug it in. It’s broken, plug it in.” I’m saying this over and over and he’s just scrolling through the screens and I know when it dies on him he’s going to get all anxious freak out and I just want to avoid a morning meltdown. In the middle of me saying, “Plug it–” He says, “Okay!” And turns back toward the charger and plugs it in.

He said “Okay” to me. That has never happened in four years. Not where he wasn’t just repeating it back to me. But as a genuine, honest response from him.

Okay? Okay. Oh, and Good morning.


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