Saturday with A.skate at Surf Expo

 I can not say enough about A.skate and everyone behind the amazing foundation and those that volunteer for it. Everyone was so helpful and just simply nice to my boy. That basic kindness really got to me. They embrace the rough bits of autism, and give kids such a wonderful place to let go and have fun. Were there meltdowns? Yes. The Surf Expo had so much going on that it was a lot of crazy, but it was also all sorts of amazing. And every time Phoenix started to get overwhelmed someone was right there to help out. And they did it with a genuine smile and a “Hey, no worries!”  

I’ve got no words. But I’m filled with so much gratitude. 

And hope. Lots and lots of hope. 

Thank you, A.skate! And also to Skate One for the super rad complete my son was given. It’s already scuffing up my floors. 🙂


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