Wednesday Magic.

On Wednesday I worked three until close. The first half of my day was spent cleaning house, telling Phoenix to stop opening the fridge, telling Phoenix to put his pants back on, feeding Lucy, putting Phoenix in time-out, taking the trash out, trying to finish unpacking the bedroom, telling Phoenix to calm down because Lucy was taking a nap, not playing Phoenix another episode of Shaun the Sheep which made him lose his shit, taking a shower, trying to get the stains out of my dining room chairs, grabbing Phoenix off my pile of flooring that Craig still has to install, and then getting my diaper bag together to drive the kids to my mom’s house all before actually going to my “job”.

As I was leaving my mom’s house, my son, the same one who has a hard time with separation, having a meltdown anytime I leave forcing me to do it 007-like, which drowns me in guilt, popped out of the room just as I was leaving and said, “See you!”

The exhausting little bugger charms the absolute crap out of me.


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